Active Learning to Interactive Design: The Rise of Web Rich Media to Engage Art Dialogue

Educators Paper
Wednesday, 8 August
10 - 10:15 am
Room 9

Educators now use Flash as their standard client to deliver effective rich-media interactions not only for online courses, but also for in-classroom settings. This paper fosters creation of interactive Flash movies to engage e-learning in art for all ages. Based on interactive learning and teaching theory, the paper presents tips, best practices, common mistakes, and misconceptions about applying technology to deliver successful curriculum. It also examines the skill sets and knowledge bases that empower authoring tools in interface design, course architecture development, and reusability of online assessment. After the presentation, an open dialogue focuses on sharing insights about how to rethink the impact of interactive learning and how human factors will influence the future of interactive education.


Mei-Fen Chen
Robert Morris College
mchen (at)