RSS as a Course Information-Delivery Method

Educators Paper
Wednesday, 8 August
4:30 - 5 pm
Room 8

As social networking and collective intelligence become primary facilitators of course information, technology has changed the way students interact with instructors. One such method emerging with each new web creation is the integration of really simple syndication (RSS). Although RSS came about in the 1990s, it is only in recent years that it has taken on a form of delivery that can easily be applied to the classroom.

This presentation details a study in which RSS was implemented into a freshman-level course as a method of distributing course announcements. It also summarizes findings that influence the usefulness and effectiveness of RSS in the classroom.


Ronald J. Glotzbach
Purdue University
Rjglotzbach (at)

James L. Mohler
Purdue University

Jaime E. Radwan
Incredible Technologies