Wednesday, 8 August
9:30 - 10:15 am
Room 8

Together, Futurelab, Stakeholder Design, and Luckwell Primary School are designing a programmable and interactive fountain that will be built on the schoolground. Luckwell students will own the fountain; decide how it is used; program it; and organise its use, management, and maintenance. The fountain will become part of everyday school life and a powerful resource. Children will increasingly direct their own learning and continue to invent ever more creative ways of using it.

As debate continues about what a 21st-century education should look like, and the UK earmarks £45 billion for the Building Schools for the Future programme, Fountaineers aims to demonstrate that children and teachers have enormous influence over reconfiguration of their buildings and outdoor spaces, and great potential to use the environment to model new learning habits and more adventurous, curious mindsets.


Hans Daanen
hans.daanen (at)