32. Interaction Tomorrow

Half-Day, 1:45 -5:30 pm
Level: Beginning
Room 4

A comprehensive overview of user-interface technologies in the newly emerging interactive tabletops and large wall displays. Topics include: input devices, interface metaphors, modality of interaction, sensing technologies, applications, and future directions. Examples are drawn from both commercial systems and research prototypes.


Familiarity with the basics of traditional human-computer interaction, computer graphics, image processing, and interactive media. Prior knowledge of interactive environments is not necessary.

Intended Audience

Students, researchers, and industrial developers who are involved in or interested in gaining an understanding of design and implementation of interactive environments. Anyone who has a general interest in HCI, or in alternative interface design, tangible interfaces, gestural input, and interactive environments will find this course informative.


Michael Haller
Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
haller (at) fh-hagenberg.at

Chia Shen
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
shen (at) merl.com


Andy Wilson
Microsoft Research

Gerald Morrison
Smart Technologies Inc.

Bruce H. Thomas
University of Southern Australia