31. Fluid Simulation

Half-Day, 1:45 - 5:30 pm
Level: Advanced
Room 1AB

Animating fluids like water, smoke, and fire by physics-based simulation is increasingly important in visual effects and is starting to make an impact in real-time games. This course goes from the basics of 3D fluid flow to the state of the art in graphics. Topics include: the core concepts of fluid flow, a broad coverage of cutting-edge techniques, and details on implementing fluid simulators.


Familiarity with differential equations at the graphics level, basic Newtonian physics, and basic numerical methods. Attendees should know what a finite difference is and what F=ma means.

Intended Audience

Industrial developers who want to understand and implement state-of-the-art fluid simulators and researchers who are new to the field.


Robert Bridson
The University of British Columbia
Rbridson (at) cs.ubc.ca


Matthias Müller-Fischer