3. Sketch-Based Interfaces: Techniques and Applications

Full-Day, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Level: Intermediate
Room 7AB

Sketch-based interfaces are a natural (pencil-and-paper-like) approach to interaction with a variety of applications, including conceptual modeling, animation, and mechanical design. This course offers an in-depth discussion of the design of sketch-based interfaces ranging from simple gestural commands to complex sketch-understanding systems.


Basic concepts in human-computer interaction and/or user interfaces. Introductory computer graphics

Intended Audience

User interface designers, developers, and researchers who want to gain a better understanding of the intuition behind and internal workings of sketch-based interfaces.


Joseph LaViola
University of Central Florida
jjl (at) cs.ucf.edu


Takeo Igarashi
University of Tokyo

Christine Alvarado
Harvey Mudd College

Hod Lipson
Cornell University