24. GPGPU: General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware

Full-Day, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Level: Advanced
Room 8

Graphics processors (GPUs) have become powerful engines capable of a variety of computations beyond computer graphics. This course takes a detailed look at both basic and advanced issues related to computation on graphics hardware (GPGPU), with an emphasis on core computational building blocks and a focus on applications to graphics and simulation.


Experience with a modern graphics API (OpenGL or Direct3D), including basic experience programming vertex and pixel shaders, and/or background with GPGPU languages. Some experience with GPGPU is helpful but not necessary.

Intended Audience

Researchers and engineers interested in investigating general-purpose computation on graphics hardware, as well as graphics and game developers interested in incorporating these techniques into their applications.


Mike Houston
Stanford University
mhouston (at) graphics.stanford.edu

Naga Govindaraju
Microsoft Corporation
nagag (at) microsoft.com


Mark Harris
NVIDIA Corporation

Jens Kruger
Technische Universität Munich

Aaron Lefohn

John Owens
University of California, Davis

Justin Hensley
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.