Art Talks

Room 30A

Reproductions of Globality and Views From the Dateline

Wednesday, 8 August
9 - 10 am

Ingo Günther
Independent Artist
New York, USA

In The Sweet Bye & Bye: Tracing The Migration And Transformation of Concepts And Materials, And Convergence of Technologies in Temporal Terrains

Wednesday, 8 August
10 - 11 am

The realization of the digital art installation, In The Sweet Bye & Bye in Second Life, marks a path that is illuminated by exploring a portfolio of artworks spanning 15 years.

Philip Mallory Jones
The Aesthetic Technologies Lab, Ohio University
Artist in Residence, SIGGRAPH 2007 Guerilla Studio

INFO: Screenspace, Panoramas, and the Documentary Image

Wednesday, 8 August
11 am - noon

Considering art, anthropology, geography, and technology, how can we combine various media tools and disciplinary traditions to bend conventions of spatial and temporal construction and evoke modal forms of knowledge about places and experience within places -- both those that are familiar and those that are exotic and strange?

Roderick Coover
Temple University
Pennsylvania, USA

Crossing Aesthetic Territories: Ideology, Art, and Race

Wednesday, 8 August
3 - 4 pm

Drawing on work with Virtual Migrants, this talk discusses key approaches to deconstructing the borders that restrict media art from engaging with political and racial themes.

Kooj Chuhan
Independent Artist and Co-Director of Virtual Migrants
United Kingdom

Building Possible Dreams

Wednesday, 8 August
4 - 5 pm

Looking at the history of moving images through the 20th century and into the digital revolution, we find evidence of the potential for humanistic inclusion and exclusion in the vision and agendas of filmmakers, corporations, and governments.

Heitor Capuzzo
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Distort/Rectify: Questioning Human Perception

Thursday, 9 August
9 - 10 am

Is the intuitive certainty which we confer on our perceptual experience valid or should art, by means of distortion, rectify this illusion?

Guy Hoffman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
Massachusetts, USA

Mobile Heart Health: Designing Feedback Displays for Emotional Self-Awareness

Thursday, 9 August
10 - 11 am

Wearable sensors now permit biofeedback in everyday life. To foster mindfulness and behavioral change, however, this data must be translated into psychologically and aesthetically compelling feedback displays. This talk presents recent examples of such feedback displays, including "mobile heart health," which translates cardiovascular monitoring into visual metaphors to promote emotional self-regulation.

Margaret Morris
Intel Corporation
Oregon, USA

Life Squared: Animating the Archives of Lynn Hershman

Thursday, 9 August
3:30 - 4:30 pm

When Stanford University bought the archives of artist Lynn Hershman it began a collaborative exploration to animate her body of work. This talk tells the story of how Hershman's work over the past year has been reframed inside the virtual world of Second Life.

Henrik Bennetsen
Stanford University
California, USA

Human Modes and Digital Codes: Materiality Versus Immateriality, or Why is it Hard to Eat Jello With Chopsticks?

Thursday, 9 August
4:30 - 5:30 pm

Human experience like the creation of art is numinous or site specific. In this talk, the tradition of using tools to shape materials is contrasted with post-analog art practices that embrace the immateriality of virtual experience.

Richard L. Loveless
Global Connections: Art and Technology Consulting Services
Arizona, USA