Digital Performance

Special Performance Weekend

Saturday, 4 August - Monday, 6 August
Art Gallery digital performances and site-specific installations are presented at the University of California, San Diego.
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J. Walt Adamczyk
Invited Artist
California, USA
Autocosm 2007
This piece is a continuation of the ongoing Autocosm project, in which the artist creates artificial worlds in solo live performances. An "autocosm" is a self-contained personal world, apart from the world we all share. In this case, it is a world of growth and evolution, of life and transformation.
Mariela Cádiz, Kent Clelland, Denis Lelong
Paris, France
Taking live cinema to a new level, the Cadiz/Clelland/Lelong trio performs live electronic music to live remixed footage and vice versa. By combining contemporary dance music structures and sounds with traditional electro-acoustic music techniques, and by deconstructing the common use of nature documentary footage and exploring its cinematic qualities, the trio's live mixing thrives on mesmerizing, forceful, and unexpected relationships.
Maja Cerar, Liubo Borissov
Columbia University
Invited Artists
New York, USA
Collaborators: Liubo Borissov, Maja Cerar
Autopoiesis is a work that imagines realities and is, in part, a humorous document of the discussions between the two authors about the beginning of the universe. It is followed and complemented by Mimesis, a more serious exploration of the ancient tension between imperfect reality and ideal form as furthered by art's mimicry.

Kooj Chuhan
Invited Artist
Manchester, United Kingdom
Collaborators: Tang Lin, Aidan Jolly, Jilah Bakhshayesh, Miselo Kunda, Hafiza Mohamed, and others
What If I'm Not Real
Three masked figures on rafts at sea appear in each of three screens arranged as a circular triptych: an official, a migrant parent, and a child. The anxious official denies the parent access to safe land and community while engaging in lucrative military games. The conclusion poses an inevitable consequence of current conflicts.
Exhale: local streets, global waters, bloodstained papers. This is an electronic publication covering five years of video, music, and electronic art engaging with asylum and migration in a new world order, by Virtual Migrants.
Linz, Austria
joreg (at)
Collaborators: Dietmar Bruckmayr, Michael Strohmann, Joreg Diessl, Diane Preyer, Lars Oeschler, Michael Höpfel
In imago, a piece for solo vocalist about multimedial representation, the singer is reduced to face and voice, and stylized as a triptych: his real head flanked left and right by three-dimensional clones. He relinquishes himself to the point of self-abnegation. His digital portraits begin to develop lives of their own.
Takashi Kawashima
UCLA Design | Media Arts
California, USA
takashi (at)
Collaborators: Togo Kida, Yoshimasa Niwa, Togo Kida, Yoshimasa Niwa
Takashi's Seasons
A sequential live shadow-puppet/video performance of interpretations of the four seasons. Working in precarious unison, the shadows of the puppets are synchronized with the animation, creating a unique live-action performance. Animation and sound are composited with shadows in real time, and the artist produces "motion pictures" via a combination of seasonal sounds, live shadow-puppet manipulation, and projection of shadow-like animation sequences.
Hyung Min Lee
Soongsil University
Seoul, South Korea
Collaborators: The Band (Hyung Min Lee, Woo Ram Son, Jae Young Kim)
Bibigi (Theremin Based on Computer-Vision Technology)
In this music scoring and sequencing device, pitch, timbre, and loudness are computed based on the transformed images' hue, saturation, and intensity.
Steve Mann
University of Toronto
Ontario, Canada
mann (at)
Collaborators: James Fung, Raymond Lo, Chris Aimone, Mir Adnan Ali, Sadek Ali
CyborGLOGGER Performance of Globaleyesation
Michael Masucci
18th Street Arts Center
California, USA
mmasucci (at)
Choregrapher: Donna Sternberg
Digital Artists: Michael Masucci, Kate Johnson, EZTV
Dancers: Alheli Montano, Vincent Hederman, Samantha Hazan, Stephanie Reilly
This piece utilizes concepts from quantum mechanics and string theory, and attempts to illustrate through dance some of the more complex theories concerning multi-dimensionality, time displacement, and the warping of space.
Hiroshi Matoba, Yasushi Matoba, Hiroyo Hattori, Nanako Heisho
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Shizuoka, Japan
matoba (at)
Collaborators: Natsumi Tahara, Yoshimi Horie, Satomi Hori, Yuko Takeda, Umika Obata
Performing Arts for the Future Mobile Generation
These two performance works predict new styles of play that children will enjoy with future mobile phones. One is made from six units of wireless displays based on LCD technology. The other is based on three units of wireless LED projectors.
Pauline Oliveros
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
New York, USA
paulino (at)
Collaborators: Curtis Bahn, Jonas Braasch, Chris Chafe, Tomie Hahn, Soundwire Ensemble, Tintinnabulate Ensemble, Dan Valente, Bart Woodstrup
Dynamic Spaces
This project explores the relationships within an acoustic and electronic performing ensemble for improvised music in virtual environments with deliberately varying characteristics. Variations in acoustics provide a new dynamic parameter of music in addition to harmony, melody, and rhythm. The performance is enhanced by dynamic visual elements with interwoven artistic images and views of the performers in a shared virtual space.
  Maurizio Seracini
Invited Artist
Walking Into a Leonardo Masterpiece
Xiaohua Sun, Ping Jin, Lei Lihong, Nan Zhang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts, USA
Xhsun (at)
A Rhyme of the Tang Dynasty
A performance that uses interactive audio/visual techniques to enhance the aesthetic effect of Chinese traditional dance. Max/MSP/Jitter generate real-time music and graphics.
Jeffrey Treviño and Ross Karre
University of California, San Diego
California, USA
jeffrey.trevino (at)
Collaborators: Ross Karre, percussionist, videographer, performer; Jeffrey Treviño, composer and sound engineer
Substitute Judgment + Metal Catalogue
This piece explores the synchronization and hybridization of media to create a unified and balanced work of art. Jeffrey Treviño created Substitute Judgment as an autonomous solo multi-percussion work, inspired by his readings of philosophical inquiries into the ethics of Alzheimer's Disease patients' legal status as decision makers. Ross Karre created Metal Catalogue, a synchronized video response to Treviño's work, from still photographs of decaying metal farm equipment on a 150 year-old ranch (the T-Lazy-7) in Aspen, Colorado.