Thursday, 4 August

9:50 - 10:15 am

Room 501AB

Technical Track

Many protocols optimized for transmission over wireless networks have been proposed. However, these protocols do not consider human perception in deciding a transmission strategy for 3D objects. Many factors, such as the number of vertices and the resolution of texture, can affect the display quality of 3D objects. When the resources of a graphics system are not sufficient to render the ideal image, degradation is inevitable. It is therefore important to study how individual factors will affect the overall quality, and how the degradation can be controlled given limited bandwidth resources and possibility of data loss.
This paper reviews the essential factors that determine display quality. It provides an overview of our research on designing a 3D perceptual-quality metric integrating two important factors, resolution of texture and resolution of mesh, that control the transmission bandwidth. It then suggests alternative strategies for packet 3D transmission of both texture and mesh. These strategies are compared with respect to preserving 3D perceptual quality under packet loss.

Irene Cheng
Anup Basu

University of Alberta
anup (at)