Thursday, 4 August

9:10 - 9:35 am

Room 501AB

Technical Track

The introduction of programmable graphics processing units (GPUs) and the addition of procedural shaders to the web3D standard X3D provide new techniques to develop real-time web-based visualization. This paper discusses the applications of these techniques to bioinformatics and chemistry visualization, specifically the visualization of large biomolecules. By using procedural shaders, we are able to produce higher quality visualizations with minimal performance penalty. We have developed methods to automatically convert from the standard bioinformatics PDB format to CML and then to X3D. The procedural shaders are automatically inserted during the CML-to-X3D conversion. This provides higher quality images and leads to future possibilities of more flexible and enhanced visualizations.

Feng Liu

Georgia State University
fliu1 (at)

G. Scott Owen

Georgia State University
owen (at)

Ying Zhu
Irene Weber
Robert Harrison

Georgia State University