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Bring Your Brain and Return With the Skills You Need for Another Year of Achievement

A recent informal survey of past SIGGRAPH attendees showed that those who rely on employers (or family budgets) to fund their SIGGRAPH conference experience are often challenged to justify their travel costs and registration fee. Here are a few reasons why SIGGRAPH 2005 is a very valuable and reasonable investment:

Value. SIGGRAPH is the only place you can find best-practice-based education with an average cost of less than $30 per session*, significantly leveraging your organization's training dollars.

Emerging Technologies. Only at SIGGRAPH do the most competitive, bleeding-edge edge minds in emerging technologies from around the world come together cooperatively for you to interact and engage with, bringing the future back to your organization today.

Industry Visionaries. SIGGRAPH gives you access to hear first-hand accounts from industry icons, such as George Lucas, who were once in your shoes, how and where their visions and inspiration were born.

Hands-on Know How. Acquiring the most-current, information in an interactive environment is the only way to protect and leverage the significant investment your company has made in graphics technology.

One-Stop Shopping. With budget time right around the corner you need to start researching options and opportunities. What better way than with more than 225 exhibitors from five continents all in one place.

Personally Relevant Education. One SIGGRAPH week offers nearly 300 education-based sessions to choose from allowing you to tailor a personal education program that ensures you are learning something new and specifically relevant to your organization's needs.

Saves Time. Because, while a week out of the office seems difficult, having to take up to a year to amass the directly relevant information and education you could gain in one week would be downright daunting.

Register Early and Afford More! Registering before 18 June can save you hundreds of dollars that can be used to offset your airfare, reducing your organization's out-of-pocket costs.

Inspiration. After your SIGGRAPH 2005 experience, you'll return to work rejuvenated and inspired, ready to bring your most creative ideas and new knowledge to the table.

* Based on an average attendee's participation in 25 sessions of various types over five days at the SIGGRAPH Member Discounted Registration rate.