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19 July 2005

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SIGGRAPH 2005 Hosts Full-Dome Animation Theater

(Chicago, IL) - The SIGGRAPH 2005 Computer Animation Festival will feature full-dome video projection, a rapidly growing medium of immersive display, at the 32nd International Conference on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques being held 31 July to 4 August 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

The world's best full-dome animations from DomeFest 2005 are being shown at SIGGRAPH 2005. The animations produced by students, institutions, and full-dome professionals are screened daily on a 9-meter-diameter digital dome assembled specially for SIGGRAPH 2005.

Full-dome video, with over 125 immersive displays, is deployed worldwide in planetariums and special-venue theaters. Freed from the "tyranny of the frame," artists transport viewers into fully immersive, mind-bending environments, and alternate worlds as they explore storytelling techniques for this new medium.

The Full-Dome Animation Theater is open to attendees beginning Saturday, 30 July at 6 pm in Hall G of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Highlights From the Full-Dome Animation Theater

Visualization of an F3 Tornado Within a Supercell Simulation

Donna Cox
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Champaign, Illinois USA

Kaluoka'Hina, the Enchanted Reef

Raul Erdossy
Munich, Germany

Percepts: Precepts

Theo A. Artz
Amalgamation House, Drexel University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


Enrico Trujillo
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

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SIGGRAPH 2005 will bring nearly 30,000 computer graphics and interactive technology professionals from six continents to Los Angeles for the week-long conference, 31 July-4August. A comprehensive technical program and special events focusing on research, art, animation, games, interactivity, and the web are planned. SIGGRAPH 2005 includes a three-day exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace from 2-4 August 2005.


ACM SIGGRAPH, the leading professional society for computer graphics and interactive techniques, sponsors SIGGRAPH 2005.