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7 July 2005

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SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketches: Latest Innovations in Computer Graphics

(Chicago, IL) - The SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketches program is a premier forum for presenting the best new ideas, methodologies, and cutting-edge applications of computer graphics and interactive techniques taking place at SIGGRAPH 2005, the 32nd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques being held 31 July through 4 August 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

Sketches cover a broad spectrum of topics in art, design, science, and engineering, and include academic research, industrial development, practical tools, and behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic works.

The Sketches 2005 Jury received 368 submissions from around the globe. From these submissions, the Jury selected 149 Sketches for presentation at the conference. For the first time in SIGGRAPH history, Paper authors will be presenting Sketches on specific implementation details (10 total). Select Paper authors were invited to submit Sketches on the techniques they presented in the Papers program that otherwise may not have had a medium to be heard.

"Sketches demonstrate the latest ideas and thought-provoking work in computer graphics and interactive techniques," stated Juan J. Buhler, SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketches & Posters Chair. "Sketches content is extremely diverse, ranging from production to new implementation, including techniques presented in the SIGGRAPH 2005 Papers program. Many times the ideas and concepts presented in the SIGGRAPH Sketches program end up being used in major production houses within that same year."

High-resolution images are available to the media by request. Contact for details.

Highlights From the SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketches Program

Animating Waves on the Beaches of Madagascar (Sketches Category - Fooling Mother Nature)

Mahesh Ramasubramanian, PDI/DreamWorks Summary of the wave animation system (FX-surf) and the techniques used to create and animate crashing and lapping waves for the full length feature film, "Madagascar."

Data-Visualization Strategies for Tsunami Research (Sketches Category - Visualization)

Roger Edberg, University of Alaska Fairbanks
A summary of workflow improvements for animation and real-time rendering of tsunami simulation data.

Dynamic Adaptive Shadow Maps on Graphics Hardware (Sketches Category - GPU Programming)

Aaron Lefohn, John Owens, and Shubhabrata Sengupta, University of California, Davis; Joe Kniss, University of Utah; Robert Strzodka, Caesar Research Institute
A novel implementation of adaptive shadow maps (ASMs) that supports interactive rendering with a moving light and viewpoint. The ASM data structure and refinement algorithm are implemented on the GPU.

(elf) electronic-life-forms (Sketches Category - Making Graphics Real)

Pascal Glissmann and Martina Hüfflin, Academy of Media Arts
Elfs are very simple life-approaching systems powered by solar energy. The immediate compassion for these life forms is an amazing experience even though their abilities are very limited.

Media Mirror (Sketches Category - Twisted Perspectives)

Jefferson Y. Han, New York University Media Research Lab
An interactive video installation in which 200 channels of live cable television are continuously arranged to form a video-mosaic of anything directly in front of its camera.

Real Illumination From Virtual Environments (Sketches Category - Illumination Capture and Display)

Abhijeet Ghosh, Matthew Trentacoste, Helge Seetzen, and Wolfgang Heidrich, The University of British Columbia
A method for actively controlling room illumination so that it is consistent with a virtual world, triggering natural adaptation processes in the human visual system.

A Semi-Lagrangian Contouring Method for Fluid Simulation (Sketches Category - Fluid Simulation)

Adam W. Bargteil, Tolga G. Goktekin, James F. O\Brien, and John A. Strain, University of California, Berkeley
A semi-Lagrangian surface tracking method for use with fluid simulations. This method maintains an explicit polygonal mesh, which defines the surface, and a supplemental octree data structure.

Spirit and Opportunity: Animating NASA\s Mission to Mars (Sketches Category - Visualization)

Daniel Maas, Maas Digital LLC
Behind the scenes of the most realistic, dramatic visualization of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission.

Visual Simulation of Wispy Smoke (Sketches Category - Effects Omelette)

Christopher Batty, Frantic Films and Ben Houston, Neuralsoft
For the movie "Cursed," Frantic Films needed to replicate the wispy smoke of werewolves touching silver. This sketch describes the techniques and tools developed to do it.

SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketches opens 1 August at 10:30 am and closes 4 August at 5:30 pm.

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SIGGRAPH 2005 will bring nearly 30,000 computer graphics and interactive technology professionals from six continents to Los Angeles for the week-long conference, 31 July-4August. A comprehensive technical program and special events focusing on research, art, animation, games, interactivity, and the web are planned. SIGGRAPH 2005 includes a three-day exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace from 2-4 August 2005.


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