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The Social Web: Platforms, Communities, and Creativity

Wednesday, 3 August
1:45 - 2:30 pm
Room 501AB
Session Chair: Amit Pitaru, New York University

Today's web is far more than a bidirectional graph. It has a brain, a voice. It is a virtual "living" organism, a social system. The explosive spread of blogs, combined with the rapid emergence of friendly technologies that enable users to interact with ease, has bred a web that affects society, perceptions, and commerce. As we look ahead to new platforms and paradigms that support seamless communication, it is important to consider how we must evolve as practitioners, users, and creators of web technologies.

How are blogs affecting companies? How do communities build themselves around platforms? Does the creative process play an important role in web development? How do you satiate the new generation of socially savvy users?

Amit Pitaru
New York University
pitaru (at)

Casey Reas
University of California, Los Angeles, Design | Media Arts

Dennis Crowley

Howard Tiersky
Capgemini US, LLC

Michael Luck Schneider
New York University ITP

Ze Frank