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An introduction to the world of 2D input and output. A wide array of computers loaded with industry-leading software is color calibrated and color matched, via ICC workflow, to large-format printers to ensure superior results. Color-management training is provided by professional master printers.


State-of-the-art 3D data-capture systems, modeling packages, and rapid-prototyping equipment. Attendees can generate 3D digital objects either by modeling in the latest version of various full-featured software packages or by using 3D data-capture devices to scan actual objects. These 3D models can then be "printed" on rapid-prototyping equipment.

CSI: Collaborative Sculpture Installation

CSI is new to the Guerilla Studio this year, and we are looking for your help. In order to showcase the innovative 3D work created by conference attendees, we need 3D models to rapid prototype, and we need them fast.

STL files of objects no larger than four inches in any direction will be accepted until 5 pm, 20 July. If your model is selected, it will be created in the Z Corp process free of charge. Your object will become one of the first in the Collaborative Sculpture Installation.

Only one file submission per person is allowed. Include contact information, email address, part name, what program was used to create the submission, and date of creation. Please do not send any other file format than STL. Submitting a file does not guarantee a tangible Z Corp model. Any models produced must remain in the Guerilla Studio until 9 am Thursday, 4 August, without exception. Any models not picked up by 5 pm, 4 August will become property of the Guerilla Studio.

Questions? Contact Kim Voigt -- kimvoigt (a) -- and Rebecca Strzelec -- ras39 (at)

4D (Animation)

Introduction to various off-the shelf commercial animation software packages, general interface, workflow, and creation tools via hands-on sessions and interacting with the Guerilla Studio volunteers. Attendees can explore modeling, texturing, lighting, and application of the basic principles of animation to bring creatures, characters, props, and other scene elements to life.

Two-Person Optical Motion Capture

PhaseSpace is demonstrating the latest two-person, real-time, high-resolution, optical motion-capture technology in the Guerilla Studio. Dancers, performers, martial artists, and actors can capture their motion on standard characters, and character artists can perform and capture motion with their own characters.
More information and time-slot scheduling

Collaboration Area

Attendees can sign up for bookmaking sessions, postcard and greeting cards sessions, origami projects, a digital drawing circle, stop-motion animation, and sessions on combining traditional and digital media with mentoring by our Artists in Residence (Helen Golden, Lyn Bishop, Kathy Beal, Emily Young, and Dave Nutty).

Audio Area

A new area for exploring live audio recording using guitars, keyboards, microphones, and even a mandolin (or two). If you're not a musician, you can still make music here using various software packages that come with a variety of canned loops or by using interactive multimedia software that uses MIDI data, audio and video signals, and other digital and analog sensors and actuators to create real-time mixed-media art and performance. Professionals in music, theater, robotics, sculpture, performance, and video art are contributing their expertise to this area.

Invited Technologies and Events

Michael Wright will create portraits using electronic media. He will demonstrate the portrait process while creating a gallery of real-time printed works. Michael Wright is a painter who began to explore digital media in the mid 1980s on an Amiga computer. He has exhibited digital and traditional works internationally.

Lenticular printing fills the gap between 2D and 3D, using special lenses to achieve a pseudo-3D effect in a 2D print. This area explores both fine-art and fun applications of this technology using Motion Graphix live lenticular 3D and animation capture solutions.

BLUIsculpt: creating sculpture in virtual reality with output for rapid prototyping. BLUi is short for Body Language User Interface, a research project of the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. BLUIsculpt is open source software.

synsnd: percussive audio generation in virtual reality. synthsnd builds on the lessons learned developing BLUIsculpt, extending into audio synthesis by way of a virtual reality interface into Max/MSP.

TheGame Design Atelier, presented by Ludica. Game research is one of the fastest growing areas of SIGGRAPH, and new game design programs seem to be emerging on a weekly basis. The Game Design Atelier seeks to create a fertile laboratory within the Guerrilla Studio. Rather than focus exclusively on digital techniques, this environment seeks to foster innovation and creativity through practical, hands-on exploration of new ideas and methods for game design and production. A list of scheduled workshops and demonstrations will be posted in the Guerrilla Studio.

Synapse: An art exhibit and panel discussion sponsored by the UCLA Continuing Education Department, the Otis College of Art+Design, the SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery, and the SIGGRAPH 2005 Guerilla Studio.