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Artistic Depiction

Tuesday, 2 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 515B
Session Chair: Cassidy Curtis, DreamWorks Animation

Non-Photorealistic Motion Blur for 3D Animation

Defining motion blur in cel animation as non-photorealistic motion blur and in computer animation as photorealistic motion blur.

Syoichi Obayashi
Saitama University
obayasi_s (at)

Kunio Kondo
Saitama University

Toshihiro Konma
Ken-ichi Wamoto
Shobi University

Stylizing 2.5D Video

A system for taking video with depth information (2.5D video) and producing temporally coherent non-photorealistic animations with strong depth cues.

Noah Snavely
University of Washington
snavely (at)

Larry Zitnick
Sing Bing Kang
Michael Cohen
Microsoft Research

Interactive Design and Visualization of Tensor Fields on Surfaces

A framework for interactive design and display of second-order symmetric tensor fields on 3D surfaces, with applications in painterly rendering and pen-and-ink sketches.

Eugene Zhang
Oregon State University
zhange (at)

James Hays
Carnegie Mellon University

Greg Turk
Georgia Institute of Technology

Geometric Clustering for Line Drawing Simplification

A new approach to simplification of line drawings that maintains the morphological structure of the original drawing while decreasing the number of lines.

Pascal Barla
Pascal.Barla (at)

Joëlle Thollot
François X. Sillion