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Autonomous Characters

Thursday, 4 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 511AB
Session Chair: Andre Gueziec, Triangle Software

Animating Autonomous Pedestrians

This research addresses the challenge of animating pedestrians in urban environments through an artificial-life approach, which integrates motor, perceptual, behavioral, and cognitive components.

Wei Shao
New York University
weishao (at)

Demetri Terzopoulos
New York University

Learning to Move Autonomously in a Hostile World

As virtual worlds become richer and more complex, the agents that populate them face increasingly complicated control decisions. This sketch describes a framework for controlling autonomous agents online in real time.

Leslie Ikemoto
University of California, Berkeley
lesliei (at)

Okan Arikan
David Forsyth
University of California, Berkeley

Composite Behavior Synthesis Technique for Mental Communication Games

A new technique for expressing CG characters' mental status by synthesizing pose, unconscious movement, and conversational gesture.

Atsushi Nakano
University of Tsukuba
nakano (at)

Motion Patches: Building Blocks for Virtual Environments Annotated With Motion Data

Motion patches represent motion sets integrated with environment objects. Using a small number of motion patches, multiple characters can be animated at interactive rates in large, complex virtual environments.

Kang Hoon Lee
Seoul National University
zoi (at)

Myeong Geol Choi
Jehee Lee
Seoul National University