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Raytracing and Photo Maps

Thursday, 4 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Petree Hall C
Session Chair: Diego Gutierrez, Universidad de Zaragoza

Optimized Photon Tracing Using Spherical Harmonic Light Maps

Optimizing photon tracing using spherical harmonic light maps to represent photon accumulation on surfaces. This sketch shows how this can be used with normal maps to light real-time scenes.

Otavio Good
Secret Level Inc.
otavio (at)

Zachary Taylor
Secret Level Inc.

Interactive Ray Tracing of Point-Based Models

Point-based methods have recently gained significant interest in both modeling and rendering. This sketch summarizes new developments in interactively ray tracing point-based models, including complex models and photorealistic shading.

Ingo Wald
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
wald (at)

Hans-Peter Seidel
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik

Implementing Lightcuts

Implementation Sketch

Techniques for creating an efficient implementation of the new lightcuts rendering framework. This sketch is designed to complement the SIGGRAPH 2005 Paper: Lightcuts: A Scalable Approach to Illumination.

Bruce Walter
Cornell University
bjw (at)

Sebastian Fernandez
Adam Arbree
Kavita Bala
Michael Donikian
Donald P. Greenberg
Cornell University

Ray Tracing Depth Maps Using Precomputed Edge Tables

A data structure for tracing many shadow rays in parallel using a depth map.

Kevin Egan
Rhythm & Hues Studios
kegan (at)

Ivan Neulander
Rhythm & Hues Studios