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Thursday, 4 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Petree Hall D
Session Chair: Juan Buhler

Spirit and Opportunity: Animating NASA’s Mission to Mars

Behind the scenes of the most realistic, dramatic visualization of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission.

Daniel Maas
Maas Digital LLC
dmaas (at)

Real-Time Data Fusion and Visualization for the Mars Exploration Rovers

A case study of several real-time data fusion and visualization techniques employed by NASA/JPL's Science Activity Planner software to support Mars Rover operations.

Justin Wick, Cornell University
jvw3 (at)

Data-Visualization Strategies for Tsunami Research

A summary of workflow improvements for animation and real-time rendering of tsunami simulation data.

Roger Edberg
University of Alaska Fairbanks
edberg (at)

VolumeShop: Interactive Direct Volume Illustration

Methods to realize an interactive system for creation of dynamic illustrations directly from volumetric datasets that combine artistic visual styles and expressive visualization techniques.

Stefan Bruckner
Technische Universität Wien
bruckner (at)

Ivan Viola
Technische Universität Wien

M. Eduard Gröller
Technische Universität Wien