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GPU Modeling

Thursday, 4 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 515A
Session Chair: Steve Derrick, Vicarious Visions

GPU-Based Trimming and Tessellation of NURBS and T-Spline Surfaces

Implementation Sketch

Implementation details (class hierarchy, data structures, and GPU programs) from the SIGGRAPH 2005 Paper of the same title.

Michael Guthe
Universität Bonn
guthe (at)

Ákos Balázs
Reinhard Klein
Universität Bonn, Institute of Computer Science II

Image-Space Construction of Displaced Normal Maps

A hybrid 2D/3D algorithm for efficiently constructing a normal map of displacement-mapped geometry. It handles arbitrary procedural displacement and doesn't require fine tessellation or REYES dicing.

Ivan Neulander
Rhythm & Hues Studios
ivan (at)

Rendering Detailed Outdoor Ground Surfaces on the GPU

A new technique for rendering extremely detailed, heterogeneous outdoor ground surfaces in real time, using minimal memory bandwidth and performing all computation on the GPU.

Orin Tresnjak-Smith
University of Maryland
orin (at)

Real-Time Rendering of Billboard Plants in a Dynamic Lighting Environment

A new method to render large landscapes that are covered by thousands of trees in a dynamic lighting environment. The billboard plants are illuminated using a special texture.

Oliver Franzke
Technischen Universität Dresden
of641854 (at)

Oliver Deussen
Universität Konstanz