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Making Graphics Real

Thursday, 4 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Petree Hall D
Session Chair: Cindy Grimm, Washington University in St. Louis

(elf) electronic-life-forms

Elfs are very simple life-approaching systems powered by solar energy. The immediate compassion for these life forms is an amazing experience, even though their abilities are very limited.

Pascal Glissmann
Academy of Media Arts
pascal (at)

Martina Höfflin
Academy of Media Arts

Emo System: A Public Message Display to Share Emotional Information

A proposal for a networked location-based message system that supports a sense of togetherness among workers within a company.

Atsuro Ueki
Inakage Lab, Keio University
atsurou (at)

Tsubasa Tokunaga
Inakage Lab, Keio University

Yoshimasa Niwa
Inakage Lab, Keio University

Masayuki Iwai
Tokuda Lab, Keio University

Masa Inakage
Inakage Lab, Keio University

Real Toys from Virtual Models

The design of sewing patterns for 3D objects is a time honored art. This work introduces an algorithm for automatic pattern design that focuses on patterns for soft, stuffed toys.

Dan Julius
The University of British Columbia
djulius (at)

Vladislav Kraevoy
Alla Sheffer
The University of British Columbia

Bump Mapping Onto Real Objects

A method that applies a three-dimensional appearance onto real objects. The method forms anisotropy based on the normal vector, and it works just like bump mapping onto real surfaces.

Naoki Kawai
DaiNippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Kawai-N (at)