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Lighting Models in Rendering

Thursday, 4 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Petree Hall C
Session Chair: Kevin Bjorke, NVIDIA Corporation

Rendering Hair-Like Objects with Indirect Illumination

A new framework for indirect illumination of hair-like structures that has never been done before. It enables rendering of images that have not been created before.

Cem Yuksel
Texas A&M University
cem_yuksel (at)

Ergun Akleman
Texas A&M University

SpecVar Maps: Baking Bump Maps into Specular Response

Baking the effect of bump maps on specular response into a modified specular response that is less susceptible to texture filtering effects when CG models are small in frame.

Patrick Conran
Industrial Light & Magic
patc (at)

A Practical Analytic Single Scattering Model for Real-Time Rendering

Implementation Sketch

A practical physically based approach for real-time rendering of scenes in participating media that captures important qualitative effects while maintaining the ease-of-use of the OpenGL fog model. This sketch discusses the implementation details underlying the SIGGRAPH 2005 Paper of the same title.

Bo Sun
Columbia University
bosun (at)

Ravi Ramamoorthi
Columbia University

Srinivasa G. Narasimhan
Carnegie Mellon University

Shree K. Nayar
Columbia University

An Empirical Model for Heterogeneous Translucent Objects

An empirical model for multiple scattering in heterogeneous translucent objects for which classical approximations such as the dipole approximation to the diffusion equation are no longer valid.

Christian Fuchs
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
cfuchs (at)

Michael Goesele
Tongbo Chen
Hans-Peter Seidel
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik