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GPU Rendering Tricks

Thursday, 4 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 515A
Session Chair: Dan Wexler, NVIDIA Corporation

Angular Extent Filtering with Edge Fixup for Seamless Cubemap Filtering

Two methods for cubemap filtering, angular extent filtering, and edge fixup that alleviate the edge-seam artifacts that commonly occur when using cubemaps on graphics hardware.

John R. Isidoro
ATI Research Inc.
jisidoro (at)

Interactive Summed-Area Table Generation for Glossy Environmental Reflections

A technique for generating summed-area tables at interactive rates and how to use the resulting summed-area tables to render glossy environmental reflections.

Justin Hensley
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
hensley (at)

Thorsten Scheuermann
ATI Research, Inc.

Montek Singh
Anselmo Lastra
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows

A new method for perceptually correct soft-shadow rendering that is easy to integrate, robust, and runs interactively on consumer graphics hardware.

Randima Fernando
NVIDIA Corporation
rfernando (at)

Radiance Cache Splatting: A GPU-Friendly Global Illumination Algorithm

A GPU-based rendering technique for fast, high-quality rendering of first-bounce global illumination.

Pascal Gautron
IRISA/INRIA and University of Central Florida
pgautron (at)

Jaroslav Krivanek
Czech Technical University and IRISA/INRIA

Kadi Bouatouch

Sumanta Pattanaik
University of Central Florida