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Feature Fries

Monday, 1 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Petree Hall C
Session Chair: Apurva Shah, Pixar Animation Studios

Moving the Jungle in "Madagascar"

A summary of the various techniques used to generate hierarchical data and apply foliage motion to stylized hand-modeled trees in an animated jungle.

David Caeiro
dcaeiro (at)

Krzysztof Rost
David Hart
David Allen
Scott Singer
Joanne Thiel

The Wig System

Initially developed for "Shrek 2," the Wig System is a flexible and highly controllable hair animation and simulation tool that is specifically suited for the demands of feature-film animation.

Nicolas Scapel
DreamWorks Animation
nico (at)

Terran Boylan
DreamWorks Animation

An Integrated 2D and 3D Production Pipeline for Independent Filmmakers

How to use widely available tools to develop an integrated 2D and 3D production pipeline suitable for independent filmmakers. This sketch introduces the pipeline and techniques used in "Shanghai Beauty."

Ding Ye
Cinematic Artist
yeding1977 (at)

Carl Irwin

Procedural and Customizable Vine System in "Madagascar"

The vine system allowed quick addition of "vine designs" via a simple user interface so hundreds of vines could be created in a single shot for "Madagascar."

Laurent Kermel
lkermel (at)