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Wednesday, 3 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 515B
Session Chair: Eric Haines, Autodesk, Inc.

Time-Varying Textures: Definition, Acquisition, and Synthesis

A new class of textures with simple algorithms for synthesis and controllability: Time-varying textures, in which appearance evolves over time. A database of these textures is being created.

Sebastian Enrique
Columbia University
senrique (at)

Melissa Koudelka
Yale University

Peter Belhumeur
Columbia University

Julie Dorsey
Yale University

Shree Nayar
Ravi Ramamoorthi
Columbia University

Efficient Magnification of Bi-Level Textures

Standard tri-linear filtering blurs road signs and similar items excessively. We use a single-channel MIP map of small size and an efficient pixel shader to significantly improve bi-level textures.

Jörn Loviscach
Hochschule Bremen
jlovisca (at)

Real-Time Image-Based Control of Skin Melanin Texture

A novel process to control skin melanin texture over a continuous range. The process is implemented on graphics hardware and can achieve real-time processing for live video streams.

Norimichi Tsumura
Chiba University, PRESTO Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)
tsumura (at)

Toshiya Nakaguchi
Koichi Takase
Saya Okaguchi
Ryoko Usuba
Yoichi Miyake
Chiba University

Nobutoshi Ojima
Mitsuhiro Shiraishi
Natsuko Okiyama
Kimihiko Hori
Kao Corporation

NRT-Based Texture Replacement in Real Videos

A near-regular-texture-based approach for dynamic texture replacement in video that preserves geometric and lighting effects on the original texture.

Wen-Chieh Lin
Carnegie Mellon University
wclin (at)

Yanxi Liu
Carnegie Mellon University