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Wednesday, 3 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 515B
Session Chair: Joe Kniss, University of Utah

Manipulating Volumetric Abstractions to Match Color Perception Between Dissimilar Gamuts

A novel interactive technique for leveraging GPU acceleration, designed to efficiently refine procedurally generated color transformations to attain a perceptually accurate match between devices of significantly disparate gamuts.

Dominic Glynn
C.O.R.E Feature Animation
dominic.glynn (at)

John Carey
Zoe Glynn
C.O.R.E Feature Animation

Perceptually Based Image Rendering of Art Paintings

A method for perceptually based image rendering of art paintings on a display device by considering surface properties and chromatic adaptation for the purpose of the total digital archive.

Shoji Tominaga
Osaka Electro-Communication University
shoji (at)

Mariko Nakagawa
Osaka Electro-Communication University

Norihiro Tanaka
Nagano University

A Human Eye Retinal Cone Synthesizer

Implementation Sketch

A new algorithm models the growth of the five million cones in the human eye's retina. The position, size, shape, and orientation of each cone are modeled individually. This sketch discusses the implementation details underlying the SIGGRAPH 2005 Paper: A Photon Accurate Model of the Human Eye.

Michael F. Deering
deeringm (at)

Spatio-Temporal Video Warping

A new framework for spatio-temporal warping of video, with a focus on one novel effect: the spatio-temporal magnifying glass, which is particularly well-suited for instant replays in sports broadcasts.

Alex Rav-Acha
Yael Pritch
Dani Lischinski
Shmuel Peleg
The Hebrew University