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Wednesday, 3 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 511AB
Session Chair: Joey Berzowska, Extra Soft Lab/Concordia University

Interface Currents: Supporting Fluent Face-to-Face Collaboration

Flexible containers that provide a controllable flow of interface items to support creativity during collaborative tasks and enable intuitive organization and sharing of digital information around horizontal displays.

Uta Hinrichs
Universität Magdeburg

Sheelagh Carpendale
Stacey D. Scott
University of Calgary

Graphical Digital Storytelling: Visualizing Personal Histories and Relations

A graphical storytelling system for visualizing personal histories and relations between people.

Yuya Nomata
University of Tsukuba
nomata (at)

Junichi Hoshino
University of Tsukuba

Intersection: Computer Graphics for Everyday Living

A wall-hung display for office and home environments that presents real-time information on buses and trams. It investigates how computer graphics can support daily activities in everyday environments.

Sara Ljungblad
Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute
saral (at)

Dylan Tinlun Chan
Lars Erik Holmquist
Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute

Multi-Touch Sensing Through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

A simple, low-cost technique for multi-touch sensing based on the phenomenon of frustrated total internal reflection.

Jefferson Y. Han
New York University Media Research Lab
jhan (at)