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Fluid Simulation

Wednesday, 3 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Petree Hall C
Session Chair: Joe Kniss, University of Utah

Cartesian Grid Fluid Simulation With Irregular Boundary Voxels

The simulation grid can often be seen in fluid simulations. Using irregular boundary voxels in fluid simulation and advection, we are able to capture more detail than we can with traditional methods.

Doug Roble
Digital Domain
doug_roble (at)

Nafees bin Zafar
Digital Domain

Henrik Falt
Digital Domain/Sony Pictures Imageworks

Fluid Simulation Via Disjoint Translating Grids

An adaptive fluid-simulation technique that splits the computation domain into multiple moving grids. Using this technique, we are able to simulate fluids over large spatial domains.

Jonathan Cohen
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Frederic Pighin
University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies

Sanjit Patel
Anson Chu
University of Southern California

A Semi-Lagrangian Contouring Method for Fluid Simulation

A semi-Lagrangian surface tracking method for use with fluid simulations. This method maintains an explicit polygonal mesh, which defines the surface, and a supplemental octree data structure.

Adam W. Bargteil
University of California, Berkeley
adamb (at)

Tolga G. Goktekin
James F. O'Brien
John A. Strain
University of California, Berkeley

Gigantic Deformable Surfaces

Demonstration of the Compact RLE (a highly scalable and efficient level set representation) and massive model representation (+1 Bvoxels), ray-trace rendering, and full sparse-fluid simulation.

Ben Houston
Frantic Films
ben (at)

Michael B. Nielsen
University of Arhus

Christopher Batty
Frantic Films

Ola Nilsson
Ken Museth
Linköpings universitet