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Twisted Perspectives

Monday, 1 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 515B
Session Chair: Raquel Coelho, Independent Artist

Twisted City

An innovative approach for creating three-dimensional transitions between two-dimensional images. Demonstrated in a short animation entitled "Twisted City."

Samantha Meisels
NCCA Bournemouth University
b1423413 (at)

Dominic Halford
NCCA Bournemouth University

Guy Newbery
NCCA Bournemouth University

Multiperspective Collages

The process and tools used by the artist to create multi-perspective collages, combining dozens of photographs taken from different locations. Two works by this artist are also presented in the SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery.

Jon Meyer
jonmeyer (at)

"ZECTO" Cinematography for Depth-Based Live-Action Imaging

A new live-action imaging technique using "Axi-Vision," a depth-capturing camera, and a plug-in to generate exaggerated perspective images that are impossible to express by lens operation.

Go Fujimoto
Keio University imgl/Inakage Lab
go (at)

Masahiro Kawakita
NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories/NHK Engineering Service

Masa Inakage
Keio University imgl/Inakage Lab

Media Mirror

An interactive video installation in which 200 channels of live cable television are continuously arranged to form a video-mosaic of the person in front of it.

Jefferson Y. Han New York University Media Research Lab jhan (at)