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The Open-Source Movement and the Graphics Community: How Can Open-Source, Third Party, and Proprietary Software Models Coexist?

Tuesday, 2 August, 1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 502B

In recent years, the open-source movement has increased dramatically. Harnessing the power of thousands of developers and testers has proven successful, to varying degrees, in developing operating systems, graphics applications, and web tools, including Linux, POV-Ray, Blender, Gimp, and Apache. In this session, developers of open-source software, in-house proprietary software, and commercial software, and practitioners who encounter all kinds of software discuss whether the open-source model is relevant and useful to the graphics community. Does the model of proprietary application research, development, and usage serve the industry better? Or will commercial facilities continue to primarily choose off-the-shelf solutions? Can all models work together?


Gil Irizarry
Conoa, Inc.


Florian Kainz
Industrial Light & Magic

James Mainard
DreamWorks Animation

Daniel Maskit
Digital Domain

Ton Roosendaal
Blender Foundation

William Schroeder
Kitware, Inc.