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Seelinder: The Cylindrical Lightfield Display

With this unique cylindrical system, viewers can see 3D images in 360 degrees without special glasses. It is derived from an experimental display exhibited in SIGGRAPH 2001 Emerging Technologies. The current version shows color 3D moving images.

Art and Science

The system displays 3D images of real objects and human faces with real presence, so it is useful for advertising, exhibiting commercial products, entertainment, and, especially, telecommunication, where it enables people to communicate over long distances as if they are meeting in the same space.


The goal of Seelinder is to establish a 3D display technique that enables representation of natural dynamic lightfields around objects so that viewers can view them freely without fatigue.


The display's most innovative technique reconstructs light rays in all horizontal directions with high density. This is realized with a rotating barrier with slits and high-speed light sources such as LEDs. The system also includes a method of light-ray control that enables representation of lightfields from a set of photos taken from all sides of an object. The 2001 version of the system only displayed images that were rendered by a model-based method. The new display uses an image-based method to show real images.


Conventional 3D displays are limited. For example, they require viewers to stand or sit in a specific position or use 3D glasses, and they cause viewer fatigue. Cylindrical 3D display technology is just an example of techniques that might eliminate such problems. The project team is continuing its efforts to realize true "viewer friendly" displays.


Tomohiro Yendo
Nagoya University/JST
yendo (at)


Naoki Kawakami
Susumu Tachi
The University of Tokyo