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emerging technologies

Laval Virtual Winner: Virtual VeeJeying

In this virtual interface, participants use lighted gloves to mix images and videos.

Art and Science

The work mixes image-analysis algorithms and real-time computer graphics images to illustrate what could be the future of some human-graphic interfaces.


The main goal of this project is to allow participants to become VJs and express themselves by moving images, mixing them, and applying real-time special effects while listening to recorded music.


This is a multimodal graphic interface that uses a simple natural body language. The core technical innovation is the connection between a new haptic techinque and video-jockey software that allows participants to interact with several flows of images in real time. The lighted glove is equivalent to a multimodal device, such as a mouse: with one finger, a participant can select an image element; with two fingers, a participant might move a selected element; and special hand motions change the mode of the interface. For expanle, turning one's hand switches the interface to a special-effect mode that applies effects to the image elements instead of moving them.


This presentation is part of the trend that merges technique and art. It is an example of what the future everyday interfaces could look like. Using virtual graphic interfaces should provide a better feeling for digital content, and anyone will be able to experience being a VJ by mixing images and videos. The gloves could replace current remote controls for interaction with our environments at home or at work. This application might also be adapted to applications in theme parks, where visitors can be actors in immersive environments.


Philippe Gerard
INRIA, Domaine de Voluceau
philippe.gerard (at)