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High-Performance Stereoscopic Methods for 3D Viewing Using DILA Projectors

With the ongoing improvements in computing power and graphic card developments, 3D visualization and modeling is becoming ever more popular. This project demonstrates high-efficiency 3D stereographic projects using DILA projectors.

Several examples of stereo high-definition productions are displayed on a 15-foot-wide screen: Mirimax's "Spy Kids 3D" and NCSA scientific visualizations, including "Flight to the Galactic Center," "Jet Instabilities in a Stratified Fluid Flow," and "The Visualization of an F3 Tornado," which is being shown in the SIGGRAPH 2005 Electronic Theater and Full-Dome Theater.

Art and Science

Stereographic visualization.


To show improved methods of visualization.


Improved polarization and filters to improve crosstalk in 3D.


Stereo will be a predominant mode of digital displays in the future.


Rod Sterling
JVC North American R&D Center
rsterling (at)


Robert Patterson
Stuart Levy
National Center for Supercomputing Applications