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The Interactive FogScreen

The walk-through FogScreen was extremely popular in SIGGRAPH 2003 Emerging Technologies. Now, the new, improved FogScreen is also interactive and capable of some stunning magic. For example, SIGGRAPH 2005 attendees experience a performance specially created for the Interactive FogScreen.

Art and Science

One could even say that the FogScreen is an entirely novel medium, as demonstrated by actor Markku Laitinen as he presents short, entertaining performances that illustrate some of the medium's artistic and dramatic possibilities.


FogScreen's basic patented technology presents an enormous number of possible applications, sizes, forms, technical extensions (3D, for example), and versions. It can be merged with many technologies. For example computer-vision-based finger tracking could enable drawing in thin air, gaming, or a "fog web browser." With interactivity, the FogScreen becomes an immaterial computer touch screen with nearly unlimited applications.


When people see the passive FogScreen, they are excited and interested, but interactivity offers a new level of inspiration. It is a major technical improvement. Various tracking methods, such as ultrasonic tracking, have been explored, and many demos and applications have been developed. Some of the most interesting developments are demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2005, including unobtrusive finger tracking, which has not been shown publicly before.


Interesting future applications include walk-through, play-with advertisements in shops or malls; a walk-through screen for trade shows, museums, science centers, or theaters; special entrances to theme parks, etc. The FogScreen is unbreakable, which enables safe gaming, exercise, or training, and unsupervised public presentations.

This display technology of the future literally revolutionizes the limits of projection screens and blurs the boundaries among art, science, and fun.


Ismo Rakkolainen
University of California, Santa Barbara
ira (at)


Markku Laitinen
MimeMakers Inc.

Jan Landkammer
FogScreen Inc.

Karri Palovuori
Tampere University of Technology

Mika Piirto
Tampere University of Technology


Nicola Candussi
Alberto Candussi
Stephen DiVerdi
Rogerio Feris
Tobias Höllerer
University of California, Santa Barbara

Alex Olwal
University of California, Santa Barbara/KTH

Matthias Pusch
WorldViz Inc.

René Schroeder
FogScreen Inc.

Janne Vainionpää
Magneetto Media

Arto Juurakko
Seinäjoki Polytechnic

Precision Position Trackerfrom WorldViz Inc.