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A musical interface that allows people to play music intuitively and create music visibly.

Art and Science

In this project, the relationship between art and science can be expressed as input and output. When the relationship between input and output is very natural, and the result of the output impresses people, the process is similar to the interaction between art and science.


To enable many people (including people who don't usually play musical instruments) to experience the pleasure of creating music.


This interface is an embedded system operated by a real-time operating system called ITRON that mainly controls the sound output, LEDs, and the 256 switches. The core unique technology is the algorithm that makes music visible. The algorithm analyzes:
  • How long one of the 256 switches has been touched.
  • The direction of the touch.
  • The angle of the interface with the acceleration sensor embedded in the interface.
This elaborate and highly developed technology makes it possible to receive many different types of information simultaneously, which we can't perceive with our eyes, and it expands expressive possibilities by providing an interface to the music and the LEDs.


TENORI-ON offers a new perspective on music, a new way of visualizing music that has never been seen before. It expands the range of musical enjoyment and provides more musical pleasure in everyday life.


Yu Nishibori
Yamaha Corporation
Advanced System Development Center, Music & Human Interface Group
Nishibori (at)


Toshio Iwai
Media Artist