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This image-processing technology stabilizes the trembling in images captured with a rotating camera in real time, and because of its "sphere" characteristics, it can track objects no matter how fast or where they are moving.

Art and Science

MotionSPHERE is a real-time, multi-camera image-processing technology that can record and display scenes that were impossible to capture before: spinning balls, swinging bats, trembling vehicles, etc.


Currently, stabilization and object tracking work fine separately, but they don't work together. The goal of this project is to combine them in real time, interactively.


MotionSPHERE's main innovation is a very fast, robust algorithm that processes multi-camera images in real time. To stabilize the entire image, optical flow is obtained at more than a hundred locations, and the rotation parameters are estimated based on the minimum-square-error method. Object tracking is achieved by combining background extraction and color extraction. The static part of the sphere image is filtered out with background extraction to dramatically decrease processing requirements and realize real-time interaction.


In the future, digital cameras will be smaller, smarter, and more ubiquitous. For example, cameras will be embedded in basketballs, and spectators will see the game from the ball's viewpoint. Because the ball and the camera are spinning, MotionSPHERE's technologies will be necessary so spectators can see a steady image from inside the spinning ball.

Eventually, cameras will be embedded in many other previously impossible places. The result will be a new kind of visualization, entertainment, and artistic imagery.


Hiroki Mori
ViewPLUS Inc.
mori (at)


Dairoku Sekiguchi
University of Tokyo

Masahiko Inami
Fumitoshi Matsuno
Ryu Miyauchi
Hideaki Nii
Maki Sugimoto
University of Electro-Communications

Shigesumi Kuwashima
ViewPLUS Inc.