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Augmented Coliseum: Display-Based Computing for Augmented Reality Inspiration Computing Robot

This demonstration of a display-based measurement and control system measures the position and direction of the receiver units by drawing marker graphics. It is very useful for display-based augmented-reality environments.

Art and Science

This project uses recent developments in image-presentation devices for measurement and control to display optical information that changes dynamically. It is an example of display-based computing, a novel technique that uses performance of display devices to output dynamic information arbitrarily by performing division and multiplexing in space and time.


To stimulate and promote interest in display-based computing and to advance the symbiosis of robots and computer graphics.


The system consists of display devices and zero-dimensional photo detectors, which demonstrates that display-based computing no longer needs image capture systems such as CCD cameras for measurement. The system measures position and direction based on the output image, so the result of the measurement can be acquired in the same coordinate system as the output image. This is a major benefit in mixed-reality applications, because there is no need for registration between the measurement devices and the display devices.


Augmented Coliseum shows how robotics meets computer graphics in the real world. Also, the technique demonstrated in Augmented Coliseum could be very useful in displays of art and products.


Maki Sugimoto
The University of Electro-Communications
sugimoto (at)


Masahiko Inami
Georges Kagotani
Minoru Kojima
Akihiro Nakamura
Hideaki Nii
The University of Electro-Communications