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Ton2: A VR Application With Novel Interaction Method Using Displacement Data

A novel interaction method using displacement data as a match-up-style VR application. Participants play the Japanese traditional game, Paper-Craft Sumo, in a typical way, with a system that captures waving-motion data.

Art and Science

Ton2 is an interactive application that reveals a new sensory interface. User input interacts as 3D imagery in a Sumo contest, and waves interact with each other to provide further interaction. This combination of physical and visual sensation delivers a new type of sensory enjoyment.


To discover a new sensory application implemented by using intuitive and robust interaction methods.


With water as a medium, this system uses distance sensors to create an intuitive interaction model. These sensing devices support a robust measurement method, which was developed without any disturbance.


Paper Sumo, like other traditional Japanese games, is not played by many children in the 21st century. Virtual reality technologies like those used in Ton2 can help revive old-fashioned games and bring them back with new amazement and enjoyment.

In recent years, body-sensory applications have been developed with various innovative methods. But this interaction, in which participants feel the power of waves, demonstrates a new way to play traditional games. They could be played by many people in some kind of pool!


Hiroshi Yabu
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
h-yabu (at)


Yousuke Kamada
Yukihiko Kawarazuka
Kazunori Miyata
Masafumi Takahashi
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology