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educators program

Team Tactics: Using Industry Workflow Standards in a 3D Curriculum

Thursday 4 August, 1:30 - 3 pm
Room 502B

Aspiring animators, especially student animators, are often solitary creatures. Coincidentally, animation curricula are highly focused on the "solo-flight" model of instruction, in which one student conceives, designs, and completely produces an animation project.

However, with very few exceptions, studios work in collaborative teams, never in solo-flight mode. Project complexity requires artists to specialize so that multiple aspects of a project can be worked on concurrently. While modelers are modeling, texture artists are texturing; while riggers are rigging, the animators are animating the same project. Clearly, the solo-flight model of instruction is counter to industry standards.

This paper lays out the details of the team concept vs. solo-flight problem and its potential benefits to students and future employers. It illustrates one effective team-based solution that keeps students engaged and active throughout the semester. Most importantly, it better prepares students for employment in the animation industry.

Adam Watkins
watkins (at)