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educators program

Project-Based Learning Within a Digital Arts and Design Environment

Thursday 4 August, 1:30 - 3 pm
Forum: Issues of Curriculum
Room 502B

Over the past decade, several new digital-art programs have been implemented, including animation, special effects, and interactive gaming. These schools have realized the challenge of keeping current with hardware and software as well as training for faculty and technical support. In addition, there is a need to develop a curriculum within the time constraints, learn complicated software, and teach design issues, media, or even necessary management skills, all at the same time.

How is this related to Walter Benjamin's early-20th-century proposal that defined the "author as a producer" (a change from the ideal romantic concept of authorship to the world of mass media and production)? Should we integrate this knowledge in our curricula?

Is project-based learning the answer?

Jurgen Faust
Cleveland Institute of Art
jfaust (at)