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Pocket Virtual Worlds

Thursday 4 August, 8 - 9 am
Room 502B

When people think of virtual worlds, they think of themselves sitting by a computer, in a chair in front of a desk. What's needed is a virtual world in your pocket that you can take with you. Pocket PCs can allow a person to explore a "pocket" virtual world. Their small size makes the experience personal and portable. Of course, you are still sitting in your chair, so we have to take it to the next level: add a digital compass and pedometer. Now you can pull out your Pocket PC and start walking around your virtual world. Add wireless to your Pocket PC and WiFi to your field, and now it's a multi-user experience. This presentation outlines some of the ideas that could make this a reality.

Jared Bendis
Case Western Reserve University, The New Media Studio
jared.bendis (at)

Larry Hatch
Bowling Green State University