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Live Graphics Gems as a Way to Raise Repositories for Computer Graphics

Thursday, 4 August, 3:15 - 4:35 pm
Room 502B

This paper presents two technologies, code-based interactivity and server-side compiling, that add value to an educational repository and address the challenges of achieving a critical mass of submissions. These technologies are part of current efforts in the computer graphics community to collect, preserve, and share educational material. This novel repository service introduces "live" graphics gems to the material: modifiable program listings with corresponding interactivities that are compiled and versioned on the server side. Repository material evolves on the fly. Authors who are not willing to submit their material as open source are given a granular source control. The paper describes the implications of this approach (for example, a common, repository-driven content markup, didactics of code-based interactivity, and crucial technical services and tools). Prototype implementations and showcases are included.

Johannes Görke
Universität Tübingen
goerke (at)

Frank Hanisch
Wolfgang Straßer
WSI/GRIS Universität Tübingen