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9. Digital Face Cloning

Full-Day, Sunday, 31 July, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Hall B
Level: Intermediate

Digitally cloned actors have recently become a reality. This course describes the distinct technologies used in producing a photo-real digital clone and outlines the significant remaining research challenges in this emerging field.


Familiarity with computer graphics modeling, animation, and rendering concepts and algorithms. Knowledge of computer graphics mathematics and linear algebra is required to fully understand the theory topics.

Intended Audience

Researchers, technical directors, and programmers in computer graphics, especially those who have an interest in creating realistic rather than stylized human representations.


Fred Pighin
University of Southern California

J.P. Lewis
Graphics Primitive


David Bennett
Sony Pictures ImageWorks

George Borshukov
Electronic Arts

Paul Debevec
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Christophe Hery
Steve Sullivan
Industrial Light + Magic

Lance Williams
Applied Minds, Inc.

Li Zhang
The University of Washington


8:30 Introduction and Overview


9 Face Scanning and Dense Motion Capture Technologies


10 Break
10:15 Reflectance Modeling and Capture

Debevec and Lewis

11:15 Facial Parameterization and Cross-Mapping

Lewis and Pighin

12:15 Lunch
1:30 Case Study: Face Cloning at ILM

Hery and Sullivan

2:15 Case Study: The Gemini Man


3 Case study: Leaping the Uncanny Valley With Data (Face Cloning in the Matrix Sequels)


3:45 Break
4 Case Study: Polar Express


4:45 Perception of Facial Realism

J.P. Lewis

5:15 Panel on the Future of Digital Face Cloning