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7. Line Drawings From 3D Models

Half-Day, Sunday, 31 July, 1:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 502A
Level: Intermediate

Techniques for automated rendering of 3D models using sparse line drawing styles, for applications ranging from illustration through cartoons and games. The course introduces concepts of visual perception; defines silhouettes, contours, creases, and suggestive contours; describes efficient algorithms for finding these lines; and presents methods for artistic stylization.


Basic familiarity with the computer graphics pipeline and some knowledge of calculus and linear algebra.

Intended Audience

Practitioners and researchers who would like a deeper understanding of how NPR line drawings are created and why they are effective.


Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Princeton University


Doug DeCarlo
Rutgers University

Adam Finkelstein
Princeton University


1:45 I. Nonphotorealistic Rendering
- Why NPR?
- Techniques


2:15 II. Defining Lines on Surfaces
- Silhouettes and Contours
- Basics of Differential Geometry for Surfaces in 3D
- Suggestive Contours


3 III. Line Drawings and Perception
- Line Drawings by Artists
- Information in Line Drawings
- Ambiguities
- Psychophysical studies


3:30 Break
3:45 IV. Algorithms for Finding Lines
- Image-Space Algorithms
- Object-Space Algorithms and Acceleration Techniques
- Hybrid Algorithms


4:15 V. Stylization of Line Drawings
- Visibility
- Parameterization
- Temporal Coherence
- User Interaction


5 VI. Abstraction and Evaluation - Abstraction, Attention and Detail
- Evaluation of NPR Displays