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5. "Madagascar:" Bringing a New Visual Style to the Screen

Half-Day, Sunday, 31 July, 1:45 - 5:30 pm
Hall A
Level: Beginning

New insights into the creative and technical thought processes required to evolve a new look for a CG movie. Highlights include how moving away from stylized realism required rethinking the creative process, development methods, and technologies, plus a comparison of the approaches that worked with approaches that did not.


A basic understanding of the principles of computer graphics and 3D animation. For best results, attendees should have seen the animated feature "Madagascar."

Intended Audience

Attendees who are interested in the technical aspects of production of 3D animated feature films and who have a basic understanding of computer-generated animation.


Philippe Gluckman
DreamWorks Animation

Denise Minter
DreamWorks Animation


Philippe Gluckman
Kendal Chronkhite
Cassidy Curtis
Milana Huang
Rob Vogt
Scott Singer
DreamWorks Animation


1:45 Introduction to Madagascar
- Balancing 2D and 3D Influences
- Structure of the Coruse & Speaker Introduction


2 Character Design
Art and Concepts for the Principal Characters


2:20 Character Animation & Character Rigging
- The Madagascar Animation Style
- Enabling Extreme Deformations
- Hair and Fur

Curtis, Huang, Vogt

3:30 Break
3:45 Visual Concepts: The Art of Madagascar
- Presentation of the Visual Goals of the Movie and How They Evolved Through the Production


4:05 Visuals on the Computer: The Main Challenges
- Lighting Style
- Managing the Complexity: Jungle and Furry Animal Crowds
- Effects Systems Designed for Hand-Animation and Art-Directability


4:35 Non-Realistic Effects
Example of Cartoony Effects and the Techniques to Execute Them


5:20 Conclusion & Questions