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4. An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming

Half-Day, Sunday, 31 July, 8:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 502B
Level: Beginning

A complete introduction to authoring interactive 3D graphics applications using OpenGL. The course covers fundamental topics such as modeling, lighting, depth buffering, and texture mapping. A brief survey of more advanced topics is also presented. At the completion of the course, attendees will be able to write interactive OpenGL applications with moving, lit, textured 3D objects.


Ability to read simple programs written in the C programming language. The course presents concepts from linear algebra (vector notation and matrix multiplication), but knowledge of those subjects is not required to understand the material.

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in learning how to author applications with OpenGL.


Dave Shreiner


Ed Angel
University of New Mexico

Vicki Shreiner


8:30 Getting Started
  • What You Need to Write an OpenGL Application
  • Opening an OpenGL window
  • Accessing OpenGL functions

V. Shreiner

  Using User Input
9 Working With Objects in OpenGL
  • How OpenGL Specifies Objects
  • Working With Geometric Transformations
  • Depth Buffering
  • Animation - Getting Objects to Move

V. Shreiner

9:45 Lighting
  • Specifying Lighting Normals
  • Lights, Materials, Action ...

D. Shreiner

10:30 Texture Mapping
  • Loading Textures
  • Enabling Texture Mapping
  • Specifying Texture Coordinates
How Textures Are Applied
  • Texel Filtering
  • Enabling Texture Mapping
  • Reflection/Cube Maps

D. Shreiner and Angel

11:30 Framebuffer Tricks
  • Alpha Blending


Noon Conclusion and Questions & Answers