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25. Open Source 2005 and Beyond: Thriving Despite the DMCA and Patent Threats to Linux

Tutorial, Monday, 1 August, 3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 502B
Level: Beginning

This tutorial focuses on issues confronting computer graphics designers and other software developers. The parameters of intellectual property risk, applicable rules, and the possible future repercussions of using open-source libraries are addressed from the viewpoint of how to make prudent choices in advancing your business or research.


Interest in the issues surrounding open source, whether you are pro or con.

Intended Audience

Software developers, video producers, hardware designers, software producers and sellers, academic researchers, students, company owners, investors, and attorneys.


Robert P. Cogan
Nath & Associates


3:45 The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Software Development
- Activities prohibited
- Copyright Office Exceptions to Anticirumvention Rules
4 The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act
- Its Counterproductive Provisions
- "Bomb Shelter" Anti UCITA Statutes
4:20 Elcom and Sklyarov - The Criminal Law Considerations
- DVD Copy Control Assn. v. Bunner (DeCSS case) - Post US Supreme Court Decision Update
- Other Cases Affecting Development
4:40 Linux and Patents
- The Risk Assessment Factors
- Who's Responsible? How to Hedge Your Bets
5 The Bigger Picture
- The Outlook Abroad
- The Future
Question & Answers