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Web Panels

Making its debut at the SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Program, we present Web Panels in collaboration with the Panels program, which will feature a few panels primarily targeted at the web audience.

Web Panels topics will be published by the Panels Program along with all other panel topics.

If you wish to learn more or submit a proposal to Web Panels please refer to the Panels program. Submissions to Web Panels must be submitted through the submission process for the Panels program.

Web Forums

Forums are very popular at academic conferences as they promote audience interaction. The idea is really simple: pick a topic (usually one that generates debate), make a short presentation that raises questions, and throw the room open for discussion. Forums are fun, interactive, and above all, they promote creative resolution of problems.

We encourage submission of topics that are relevant and within the grasp of the audience. If you have a strong opinion and want to take the next step toward validating it, a forum is the right place for you. Bring in your opinion and battle it out with your peers and critics.

The possibilities are endless!

Forum Length

45 - 60 minutes


For SIGGRAPH 2005, the Web Program is divided into three tracks: Technical, Application, and Paradigm.

Tracks add structure and clarity to the program, and simplify the submission process in general. For those of you familiar with the predecessors of the Web program (Web Graphics Programs: 2002, 2003, 2004), you'll notice that the presentation topics are essentially similar to previous years with one major distinction: a new Technical track to accommodate more comprehensive findings and developments in the internet world.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the tracks and submission guidelines before completing your abstract or paper. In fact, we strongly recommend this, as it will give you a clearer understanding of the most appropriate fit for your contribution and will aid the process of completing your submission effectively.


The Technical track is the heart of the Web Program. It illuminates the evolving blueprint of the internet. This track requires that the author(s) submit an entire paper for consideration.

Simply put, the Technical track is envisioned to become the primary component of the program, much like the Papers program is considered by most as the primary component of the SIGGRAPH conference. The work presented in this track is technically sound and on the cutting edge of internet technology and innovation. This track is the Web program's answer to the academic and scientific web community. It sets the bar for internet-related research.

Presentation Length
45 or 60 minutes

Submission Process
Submission Procedure Checklist


Where the Technical track is the heart of the program, the Application track serves as its limbs. Theory without implementation is about as useless as gasoline without an automobile.

If you've attended any of the previous Web Graphics programs, then you probably know what this track is about. The Web Graphics program was primarily application-based in previous years. Applications are essentially unique, masterful, and innovative uses of web technologies. A Flash engine to render 3D graphics. A java applet that provides effective visual and interactive representations of various color models. A web site that provides the user with an experience that is more effective than current usability standards provide. A rich internet application that emulates an access grid on desktop computers. These are all great examples of the content suitable for this track.

Presentation Length
30 or 45 minutes

Submission Process
Submission Procedure Checklist


Last, but definitely not the least, the brain of the program: the Paradigm track. As Aristotle best put it, "Law is order, and good law is good order."

This track is standards-centric. An attendee can expect to get practical working knowledge of current web standards, as well as learn about standards one may expect in the future. This track also addresses concepts such as usability, heuristics, design methodologies, design trends, and a collection of topics that shape the working internet today. Paradigm allows the web technologist to learn about the landscape of the internet of today and glimpse its future.

Presentation Length
30 or 45 minutes

Submission Process
Submission Procedure Checklist

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If all this seems confusing to you, email your questions to the Web program chair.