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In the past, contributors often expressed frustration about the submission process. Some people thought it was confusing. And if you're one of those people, you probably thought we weren't listening. Well, we were, and this year, we are trying to correct this problem by providing clearer instructions.

Follow these instructions in the given order to submit to the Web Program. Note: Please review the Frequently Asked Questions if you are unsure about topics such as required page count, formatting guidelines, etc.

Step 1: Online Web Submission Proposal

The proposal enables the Web committee, jury, and reviewers to understand the essence of your submission without having to sift through its entirety. This is extremely important in the jury process as it allows the committee and reviewers to treat all submissions equally. It also allows us to collect demographic, publicity-related, and other relevant information about your submission.

SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Submission Form

Some important points: If you are submitting to Forums, a completed online proposal is the only requirement you must fulfill. Please pay attention to any notes and instructions on the form (for instance, be sure to click the help button associated with a form field when you see one). Some fields may be required for a Forum submission, but unnecessary for submissions to one of the three tracks.

Step 2: Online Submission

Upload Supplemental Material (Technical, Application, and Paradigm tracks. Forums may skip to the next step.)

Once you have completed the online proposal, you may upload your full paper (Technical track: four-page short papers or long papers, eight or more pages) or your abstract (Application and Paradigm tracks). Follow the ACM SIGGRAPH Paper Preparation Guidelines to ensure that your paper or abstract meets necessary requirements.

ACM SIGGRAPH Author Instructions

Some important points:
All documents must be submitted electronically via the online submission process in one of the following formats:

    ASCII (clear text)

We understand that some contributors may want the jury to view material in some other format (for instance, a CD). You may send these to the address provided in the online submission form.

Ensure that the URL that you provide (if any) does not delay the committee and/or jury with a lengthy registration or navigation process to reach the content. It should be easily accessible by all reviewers. And please double-check the URL before finalizing, and keep the link unaltered until after the review process has finished. The submission process may end very early if the link you supply does not work!

Contributors located outside of the United States should note that customs delays of up to two weeks could occur. Customs labels should bear the words: "Educational material with no commercial value." SIGGRAPH 2005 will not pay any customs fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission.

Step 3: Revision (optional)

You may resubmit (using the same login and submission ID) as many times as you like before the official submission deadline: 9 March 2005.

Step 4: Online Acceptance Agreement

If your proposal is selected, an Acceptance Agreement must be completed and sent by the author(s). This year we require only one Acceptance Agreement per submission. See Review and Upon Acceptance for details.

English Review Service

Contributors may voluntarily use the English Review Service for help with the text of their proposals. Please schedule sufficient review time and backup options. The English Review Service is not part of the Web Program. Any delays in your submission due to this service will not be accepted after the submission deadline.

Please feel free to direct questions to the Web Program Chair as they arise. We understand that the submission process is rather tedious, but world-class presentations understandably require one to go the extra mile. We encourage you to start early and complete as many submission requirements as soon as you can. We look forward to receiving your submissions!